Kajal Agarwal in All in All Azhagu Raja in Saree Pics

Kajal Agarwal in All in All Azhagu Raja in Saree Pics

A talented actress she may be, but Kajal Agarwal has always been known as a trendsetter, donning the latest of dress styles which are quickly picked up by the young crowd.

Pic of Kajal agarwal in all in all azhagu raja in saree

In All in all Azhagu Raja, Kajal Agarwal looks great in her half saree which leans towards the traditional look while still maintaining a modern feel by the way the saree is worn.

As in “Gabbar Singh 2” the movie, the costume designers have decided on showing off her flawless navel leaning towards the sensual side

The Black Saree and transparent green pallu which appears netted look fabulous on the graceful actress, especially in the dance sequences.

Pic of Kajal agarwal in black green saree

The backless half saree in the movie’s dance sequence brings out the playful side of Kajal making her look vibrant and bubbly.

The artistic portrayal of her belly button in some of the half sarees adds quite a sensual touch to the actresses’ appearance.

Another aspect of Kajal’s appearance in all in all Azhagu Raja was used artistically was her long flowing hair which looks luscious and flowing.

Pic Of Kajal agarwal in all in all azhagu raja in saree
Kajal Agarwal in all in all Azhagu Raja in Saree

The braided look of Kajal was used to complement and highlight the south Indian feel of the song she was in.

Whereas the long open hair look was used to show her in a younger light, and as more outgoing and fun.

Pic oF Kajal agarwal while dancing

Another highlight is the scene where Kajal wears a stunning dark green lehenga with a slinky yellow dupatta and a close fitting yellow sleeveless blouse.

This scene perfectly highlights all the gorgeous features of Kajal Agarwal in All in All Azhagu Raja in saree, right from her shapely, milky white arms to her perfectly rounded waist and even her beautiful glowing eyes, with a generous application of eyeliner.

Pic of Kajal Agarwal & Karthi

The lehenga also looks fabulous with a translucent green upper layer and a lighter shade of dark green under the first tier.

Pic of Karthi & Kajal Agarwal in All in all Azhagu raja
Romantic Photo Karthi & Kajal agarwal Together


This is probably the best Kajal outfit in the movie, making her look simply amazing.

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