Deepika Padukone in White Saree in Nach Baliye

Deepika Padukone is known for her tall stature and slender build, making her look gorgeous in almost anything she wears.

Recently she was seen on the sets of the reality dance show “Nach Baliye –Season 5” wearing a sublime white saree looking like a complete angel!

Pic of deepika padukone white in saree in nach baliye

Both the saree and the blouse were a designer (needless to say!) and tailored to perfection.

Deepika Padukone in the white Saree in Nach Baliye was a fantastic sight to behold!

Pic of deepika padukone in white saree in nach baliye 5
Deepika Padukone in white saree in Nach Baliye 5

The saree itself is almost transparent with lovely and sparkly fringes. The blouse also has a sparkly look which adds to the glamor quotient of the entire ensemble.

She also sports dangling earrings which have silver and sparkly diamond tones which completely go with the whole look.

There is also a tasteful bit of cleavage that adds to the beauty of the entire look, making Deepika look sensuous and even sexy! One can also notice her perfect supermodel figure in this dress having curves in all the right places, like a real beauty.

Pic of deepika padukone in white saree in nach baliye

One can also see her hair which makes her look like the Greek Goddess of Love- Aphrodite! With beautiful long hair, she adds a ton of charm and charisma to the whole affair.

What is also easily noticeable in this fabulous dress is Deepika’s great posture – which is the style in which one stands, either for a photograph or just simply by themselves.

Good position indicates that the person has a lot of confidence and a healthy amount of self-esteem, which again makes the person look even more beautiful!

Pic deepika in white saree in nach baliye

One would be remiss if they didn’t mention the beautiful way in which Deepika’s navel region was seen through the transparent white saree, including her cute belly button, near perfect flat tummy highlighted by her incredibly fit abs!

The tiny sleeves of the blouse also add a great deal to the outfit, showing off the actresses beautiful and shapely slender arms.

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